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Interfaith Principles


The members of The Relevation Nation agree to abide by these guiding principles



-This We Believe! If there are barriers of attitude, communication or architecture for anyone, the foundation of the House of God is weakened for all.


-Every person is created by God, each is loved by God, and none should be diminished by another, even by unintentional actions or words.


-God may see "wholeness of spirit" where our imperfect vision may see only "brokenness of body or mind." Rather than being a burden, shared need and vulnerability should be recognized as the "glue" of a supportive community.


-Under distracting surface traits, there is the essential person created by God.


-Fortunately, God does not use intelligence or "rate of growth" to measure faith.


-God knows our abilities and our potential. God longs for us to respond lovingly with all that we are, and to be all that we can be.


-God frequently works through the unexpected!


-We need to listen, persevere despite inconvenience and remain open to creative solutions and opportunities.

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