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My Story

​ A quick glimpse into who is Rev. Dr. Michael William Fournier.

During my career in the Navy, I always found a way to work, in my free time with the ship’s Chaplain where I assisted in Catholic Mass and helped to prepare for other services. Plus, every chance I could, I would volunteer my time in the liberty ports to attend a type of missionary work called the COMRAIL Program.


This was a program run by the Chaplain and it consisted of painting and repairing schools and orphanages all over the world. I always saw this as a great act of humanitarian work or in my mind missionary work, compliments of my time in service.


During this time, I had a significant emotional event that changed my religious seeking, to great knowledge. We can talk about it in private. For myself, this consists of daily prayer, serving God, being a positive person to my family and in my workplace. Always putting others before myself, and knowing it’s better to give than it is to receive. Many have called this paying it forward, I call it Relevation.

I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister in good standing with the Esoteric Interfaith Church and I received on January 27, 2021, two P.h.D's of Philosophy in Religious Studies and in Metaphysics.

​Below is a story I wrote when I was on active duty that recorded a significant time in my military life. The article was published in Fathom Magazine in 2003 from the Norfolk Safety Center. This event very well could have taken my life but for unknown reasons at that time, I lived to tell the story.

Thank you for reading my story, I am always willing to hear yours.


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