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The Relevation Nation

An Interfaith Healing Church &Teaching Network for Veterans


Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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The Relevation Nation

We are a 21st Century "Church Without Walls" for all. 

It all starts with the practice of a new rule called the "Rule of Orange: to go out into all the world, converge, listen and enjoy, therefor you shall know!” This is the beginning of your journey to know, Full Spectrum Living for the Best Quality of Life.


The Rule of Orange is an umbrella philosophy of the Relevation Nation that covers us with hope & change with immediate results. This is more easily said than done, but with inner healing along with teaching and support, you can achieve it.

Let’s start with what does Relevation mean?

Relevation, a raising or lifting up:


"This is the root word of relative which means to relate. The truth behind a person that relates to something is a person who will make a change. It’s during that time a person begins the process to raise his or her awareness, to lift-up their curiosity, is the inevitable next step to be edified or taught something new."

When Jesus died on the Cross, He redeemed the whole human race. He paid the entire ‘sin debt’ of the world once and for all time! Eternal life is an unconditional gift to all. Heaven is in everyone’s future! No religious doctrine can alter this reality.

​Within the Relevation Nation, our aim is to build and grow a network nationwide through the Military Order of the Sideliners and all guests. We will begin with the Meal Esprit de corps. Until then always remember, life is an adventure and the power of good works will always prevail.


We have a pot-luck style meal we call the "Meal Esprit de corps". What does this mean?


Esprit de corps: a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty shared by the members of a particular group.


This is where all the change starts. It is based upon an ancient gathering that comprises of fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer. In our modern times with the M.O.S. it also known this as fellowship, a shared meal and thanksgiving. Is this what made Duck Dynasty and Blue Bloods so popular? We will find out together.


Through heart filled planning, our goal is to reach and teach as many fellow veterans of all ages, as a community outreach to private homes and various community.


During our gathering, we can share stories about our newfound joy of reading, share testimonies of how our lives have change, and talk about various Text to Speech computer-based programs we are using. We plan for upcoming visits with our fellow brothers and sisters and when announced; we receive a guest speaker to bring our mission full circle, with clarity and reward.

 The Military Order of the Sideliners (M.O.S.) "Meal Esprit de corps" will be held in announced public libraries with:

1.       Fellowship with like-minded people

2.       Emotions flow that were suppressed

3.       Laugh for a purpose

4.       Smile for the heck of it

5.       Get angry differently

6.       Eat and share stories

7.       Give thanksgiving and prayer




"Success comes to those who are willing to do what others are not!"

Rev. Dr. Michael Fournier

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